Join Us This Sunday: 10:50 AM

Life Church is a dynamic church that will connect to your daily life. Whether you are just curious about church and God, or you are a committed Christ-follower, you are welcome here. 

Enjoy your visit through the website, but don't stop there! Join us this Sunday at 10:50 for a high-energy, life-changing experience. It may just change your life forever!

Here at Life Church we don’t simply do church we are the church,
His church.  Were not limited by traditions, resources, or even structures, were untied as imperfect people to learn about a perfect God.

Life Church believes everyone should be accepted and everyone belongs.
Were not a social club instead were a magnet to draw people into a personal relationship with Jesus.  

Here at Life Church we love and serve one another and just as the early
church did we thrive at Doing Life Together. 

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